HAGG / EGGE has developed an e-library of gerontology and geriatrics which we hope many users will find useful. Welcome!

It has been designed for different kinds of readers:

  • for the public – whether older people, family members, local authorities, NGOs, or civil servants. The material, based on research findings, is designed for all of us to read.
  • Educational material for all those working professionally with older people
  • research data and findings – mainly designed for those interested in the research field and who wish to access the most up to date findings
  • for students working in the field. Some of the theses and  studies of past students have been listed in the e-library and include original pieces of research.
  • Experts should also check interesting material listed under Other material and articles
  • A list of Foundations, NGOs, professional associations which have worked on ageing issues and which are of interest  are useful for all readers. Specific publications by some of these bodies are found under the other headings, but the link enables the reader to check on the specific contributions of these organizations.

It should be obvious that any library is only as good as the numbers using and contributing to it. Those of you who think you have good material for any of our readers should send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Those of you running research programmes should think of making a donation to the e-library to publicise your findings to all those possibly interested. Research budgets usually have money for publicity and this Greek gerontology/geriatric library will need your support in order to stay up to date and functioning.

A big thank you to the many researchers who helped and help to keep the e-libary up to date.  The names include: Agapidaki Irini, Velonaki Venetia, Velonaki Martha, Drizi Irini, Dimitriou Maria, Zafiropoulou Maria, Thermou Danai, Karagouni Ilianna, Karamperi Christina, Kerosi Maria-Ismini, Konstantopoulou Olympia, Lidoriki Irini, Mantzorou Marianna, Mestheneos Liz, Michos Ioannis, Ksenou Maria, Petroulia Ioanna, Siskou Olga, Skaltsounaki Elena, Sourtzi Panayota, Stathakis Georgios, Triantafyllou Judy, Tsartsara Stella.

The library has been in operation since late autumn 2017 and there are a growing number of users. However further contributions depend on people telling us of new and valuable Greek material.



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